Benny Saint James
-Modern Health Practitioner, Licensed massage therapist, Master healer, owner 
"Nothing brings me more joy than helping others uncover a natural and healthy life that works for them."
-Benny James

      Benny james was born onto this precious Earth to assist others in discovering their true unlimited potential and from those discoveries learning to create a life that they love. Every part of Benny's life has been summating, in that each experience has led to, and was a prequisite, for the next. Starting into dance at the age of five, Benny James quickly learned that a successful and joyous life comes from living through that in which we are passionate about. Passion combined with an understanding that hard work and discipline yield results, beyond the wildest of dreams, launched Benny head first into a ten year long dance career that took him all over the world.

      After his first contract dancing on cruise ships, he began his search for something deeper, something that would lead him to true self-acceptance, joy, and fulfillment. That is when he discovered the world of holistic health. Now, he is a wellness leader that utilizes yoga, dance, nutrition, massage, energy work, somatic movement, essential oils, herbs, and more to help himself but also others uncover a health life that truly works for them.

      It is from that profound beginning that Maha Mountain Wellness was created from and will always grow from. Simple and clear health where the client always has the power to choose.  However, with offering over 20 different healing modalities, the choices are many when working with Benny. 

      Benny is a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in advanced pain reconciliation through deep tissue and neuromuscular massage therapy, but also practices hot stone massage, Swedish massage, lymphatic massage, athletic massage, pre-natal massage, reflexology, shiatsu, ashiatsu, Thai yoga massage, rain drop therapy, aromatouch therapy, scrubs, wraps, and more. Benny is also a master healer that utilizes Usui reiki I, II, and master as well as ascension reiki, healing hands energy work, intuitive energy work, shamanic healing, chakra healing, sound therapy, aromatherapy, movement therapy, and much more!

Trenton Jones
-Wellness designer, Dynamic healer, Spiritual teacher
"The journey to wellness is an ever winding road of self-discovery." 
-Trenton Jones

      With humble roots on the Mississippi river, Trenton Jones is an explorer.  He went out into the world to find a way to bring health and happiness into other's lives. Taking the path less traveled and leaving no stone unturned, Trenton discovered that through using beautiful gifts from the Earth he can provide  healing, purpose, and connection in ways that we have never known. 

      After discovering his passion for crystals and how they can transform people's lives from their very core, Trenton continued to pursue his masterful talent for natural healing. Using powerful crystals, sacred sounds, essential oils, and energetic healing techniques Trenton found a channel in which he can bring health and happiness into people's lives. 

      His goal is to be a light for others and to lift them into actualizing their highest and best in their life through the utilization of alternative healing techniques. He believes that greatness lies in everyone just waiting to be released!