Yoga is a natural way to boost energy, reduce stress, relieve pain, support disease management, and reconnect to aspects of life that may have gotten away from you. Maha Mountain provides donation based community yoga in order to keep it affordable and accessible. Find out for yourself how yoga can fulfill your needs. 



Massage is a must for anyone who deals with stress on a daily basis, or has any body pain/disfunction due to working out, injury, or disease. Getting a massage is so much more than just relaxing the body, it supports healing and relieves many types of discomfort. Book your massage today. 

Energetic Healing

Energetic healing helps to keep the body, mind, and spirit feeling healthy. Just like charging batteries is essential to keep them running, our bodies often need to be charged as well. Experience the benefits of reduced stress, disease and pain management, as well as increased energy and vitality by getting energy work by Maha Mountain's masterful healers.